Electec is a Tesla Powerwall certified installer.

Battery storage has come of age and is now ushering in a new smarter electric future where solar installations are driven by energy savings and are part of a cohesive strategy including charging points and improved monitoring as customers look to take control of their energy production and consumption for their travel as well as their home.



*Other batteries are also available.

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Store excess solar energy

Battery storage stores any excess electricity from a solar panel system rather than send it back to the grid, saving it for use later in the day when solar production has dropped and consumption has risen. This ensures that a home or business maximises the usage of their solar production, lowering their bills. On a sunny day many of our customers are 100% self powered, with the solar and Powerwall meeting 100% of their homes energy needs.

Off-peak charging

Many of our Tesla Powerwall customers are also switching to off-peak electricity tariffs and charging their batteries up from cheaper electricity to use during the day, ensuring that the battery is used to deliver energy savings 365 days of the year. Example rates such as the Octopus Go Tariff are perfect for battery owners, as you can charge up at only 5p overnight (between 12.30am and 4.30pm) and discharge during the day. And as the day-time rate is only 15p (approx) then their is no disadvantage for doing so.

Thinking of switching to Octopus? Get in touch and we can give you a referral code that gives you a £50 credit towards your first bill.

Battery backup

The Tesla Powerwall allows battery backup for selected circuits in your home, ensuring that if there is a powercut then the house will still have some power..

Improved monitoring

A major benefit that we have found from implementing Tesla Powerwalls is that it has led to improved monitoring of not only the solar PV production but also the consumption of the house or business and how much energy is imported or exported to the grid. A better understanding of consumption has led to big savings and a more efficient energy profile as owners can have a better idea of where they are wasting power.

Tesla Powerwall 2






Solar Self consumption, Backup power, Time-Based Control


Up to 10 Powerwalls can operate from 1 Gateway


110mm High x 753mm Wide x 147mm Deep


Inside or outside on the floor or the wall



Our Powerwall Wall

We are Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers. We have been installing Powerwalls all over the South of England since 2017.