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Launch of Electec Energy

Following a successful 10-years installing Solar PV systems for residential customers, businesses, developers and schools we have expanded in recent years into battery storage , charging points and monitoring systems.

With this in mind, to reflect our change in focus to a more complete energy solution, we have re-branded Electec Solar to Electec Energy, focusing on not only the generation of solar power but also on solutions to store this power to maximise consumption, the installation of charging points for electric cars and monitoring systems to reduce wastage.

With this expansion we have become a Tesla Powerwall installer (with 19 batteries installed and counting), an OLEV accredited installer of ROLEC charging points (and so eligible to receive the home and workplace grants) and an installer of various monitoring systems including Smappee.

With the solar PV feed-in tariff ending earlier in 2019 the solar market has remained surprisingly resilient as customers have focused on reducing their energy costs for not only running their house but also their driving costs, and with the launch of the Tesla Gateway 2 also to providing off-grid capability in-case of any powercuts.

We are excited to be starting this new phase and looking forward to developing new partnerships and bringing improved solutions to our customers.

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