Electec Energy recently installed a new MyEnergi Zapp charging unit for a customer in Great Bookham, Surrey to charge her new Tesla 3.

The Tesla 3 is an impressive new EV capable of 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. It can recharge with totally green energy generated from the customers solar panels.

You can control and see your energy using the Myenergi app.

Electec also handled the OLEV grant administration for the customer passing on the £350 that he was eligible for


The myEnergi Zappi is the ideal choice if you already have or are thinking of getting solar panels – something Electec energy can also help you with.

It features – 3 charging modes (Fast, Eco and Eco+) to work with your solar panels. In Eco mode it charges from your solar PV or wind turbine, using surplus power to lower the cost of driving and giving you effectively free charging to your car.

Mrs B chose the Zappi from the extensive range offered to him and was able to provide all the details required for the OLEV grant and the installation via the Electec app, that gathered all the information required in less than 10 minutes.

Zappi install in Great Bookham

“From start to finish an impeccable service. They walked me through all the options and helped me the select the right charger. They even delivered ahead of time. The electrician, Steve, who showed up on the day was lovely and did the job quickly and tidied everything up afterwards, always a bonus”

Mrs BZappi Install

Electec Energy can advise and install a wide range of EV chargers to meet your needs. We are not tied to any manufacturer and will advise on the most suitable charger for your needs. We install across Surrey, SW London, West Kent and counties west of London. Call us on 01372 370222 – Monday to Friday 9-5pm or contact us via the website www.electecenergy.co.uk

Electec Energy can also help you with all your energy requirements, advising and installing a wide range of Solar Panels and batteries including the Tesla Powerwall.

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