The X Factor in Chislehurst with Wallbox EV Charging from Electec Energy

Electec Energy recently installed a new Wallbox Pulsar Plus charging unit for a customer in Chislehurst, Kent to charge his new Tesla X.

The Tesla X is an SUV with a 348 mile range, seats for seven people and distinctive gull-wing rear doors making for a flexible, family car.

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus offers the ideal balance between a small size and the powerful performance you need for smart charging at home, with a charging capacity of up to 22 kW. You can connect to the MyWallbox App through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to control your charging sessions.

The customer chose to install on the outside of the garage for easy charging access for more than one car. For more information or to see our full range of chargers go to

Mr O chose the Wallbox Pulsar Plus from the extensive range offered to him and was able to provide all the details required for the OZEV grant and the installation via the Electec app, that gathered all the information required in less than 10 minutes.

Wallbox Install in Chislehurst

“From initial contact for a quote through to installation unbelievably good service with no delay!!”

Mr OWallbox Install

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