Clear Architects is renowned for its bespoke high-end architecture and exceptional successes in planning.

They specialise in harmonious architectural designs that secure planning permission in highly protected areas of natural beauty. Operating from their base in Epping Forest they had an ambition to go green, save energy and costs. The appearance of their design studio and the impression it makes upon their clients was a very important consideration including highlighting how important sustainability is.

When refurbishing and extending their offices they included to install solar, battery storage as part of their transition to becoming a greener company alongside rainwater harvesting.  They chose to work with Electec Energy to achieve the solar and battery storage.    After consultation, a solution was recommended that involved a 20-panel solar installation using 315w Q-cells on a flat roof, using the Consol+ low ballasted bin system with a SolarEdge inverter to provide better performance and also give them access to the monitoring system. This system is estimated to generate c.6,000 kWh a year and save 3 tonnes of CO2 a year.  Two Tesla Powerwall batteries were specified to store excess solar energy and can also be used for off-peak charging.

The Tesla Powerwall can store 13.5 kWh, so with two working in unison it creates a total storage capacity of 27 kWh, allowing the customer the opportunity to be completely independent of the grid during the summer months and protected from sudden power cuts. Installed on to the outer wall of the office, they also make a powerful design statement.

When the practice moved over to an Electric car in 2021, the need for an EV charging point also became clear, with the same imperative that the installation should be as clean looking as the rest of the building. The obvious choice was the Andersen EV charger with its stylish design that entirely hides the EV charging cable when not in use with the chosen finish being a charcoal ecoya front panel and steel back,


Melanie Clear, Managing Director commented ‘sustainability is at the core of our designs so what better way to showcase that integration than our own studio. The Teslas are a great talking point and we cannot wait Post Pandemic, to be discussing the Andersen in the same way with our clients who visit.……’

Sam Tilley, Director commented ‘We were delighted to have the opportunity to work on this project and very pleased with the work our installation team , put into this to ensure the stunning result’

Andersen is the stylish EV charging point that hides the integrated cable. You can choose from metal or wooden front covers and from 12 different colours for the front panel and 8 colours for the body. In this case the customer chose ‘nearly black’ for both options to give a discrete almost unnoticeable install. or see our complete range of chargers at

Tesla Powerwall for Clear Architects

“The Tesla's are a great talking point and we cannot wait to discuss the Andersen in the same way”

Melanie ClearSolar, Tesla and Andersen Install

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Electec Energy can also help you with all your energy requirements, advising and installing a wide range of Solar Panels and batteries including the Tesla Powerwall.

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