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Electric cars are having the most profound impact on driving since the switch from horse to car over 100-years ago.  All major manufacturers are bringing out plug-in cars, with Tesla leading the way, as the benefits of lower driving costs, zero road tax, no congestion or emissions tax and lower servicing costs.
Electric cars not only have lower servicing costs, but the cost of fuel is dramatically reduced.  A standard Tesla Model 3 50kWh battery with 220 miles of range can be charged from flat at a cost of only £7.50 when buying power at 15p. 
If you opt for an off-peak tariff such as the Octopus Go tariff its possible to buy your power at 5p between 12.30am and 4.30am, reducing the cost to fill the battery to just £2.50.
If you have solar panels you can opt for a charging point that will charge your car when there is surplus power from your panels that is going back to the grid which reduces your cost of charge, and carbon footprint, even further.
Some of our Charging Points
Rolec - OLEV approved
Rolec has one of the comprehensive range of charging points available, from simple low cost charging points, to OLEV approved charging points that qualify for the grant, up to commercial options.
With over 150,000 charging points installed in the UK they are one of the largest suppliers on the market.  There are various post options that also support pay as you go charging and other payment solutions.
We supply a range of domestic & commercial ROLEC charging points, from simple low cost sockets for new developments, to pay as you go twin socket posts.
Andersen - OLEV approved
The recommended provider of charging points for Porsche, Andersen believe that if you buy a great looking electric car you should have a great looking charging point to go with it.  Manufactured in Britain the charge points use industrial grade electronics to match stunning design with enhanced performance and functionality.
Available with a choice of 4 different wood front covers or metal panels in one of 8 colours, each Andersen can be tailored to your requirements.
Available as a 7.2kW or 22kW (3-phase) tethered charging point.
myenergi Zappi - OLEV approved
The eco-smart EV Zappi not only operates as a normal electric car charger, but it has optional charging modes to charge your car from your solar PV or wind generation, using up all the excess solar generation and charging your car from your own generated power.
This works by monitoring the solar generation and house consumption, and when it detects that their is surplus generation over and above your house consumption, rather than send it back to the grid you can divert it into your car if its plugged in.  It even works with battery storage such as the Tesla Powerwall, only charging the car once the battery is 100% full.
myenergi also sell the excellent Eddi, which will divert any excess power after your car is full, or if its not plugged in, to the hot water tank to heat up your water as well.  
These products help fulfil Electec Energy's mantra of Generate - Use - Store - Charge.  Generate your own energy from your solar panels, use that power during the day, any excess that is not used to store in your battery for consumption in the evening, once the battery is full use the excess to charge your electric car, and any remaining can be used to heat your water.  This maximises consumption and lowers not only your home electricity and gas bills but also your driving costs.
Available as socket and tethered 7kW and 22kW (3-phase) units.
OLEV Grant Eligibility
Claim up to £350 grant 
Electec is a OLEV approved installer and eligible to claim the £350 grant for Rolec home or workplace charging points.
Grant Eligibility
We can claim the £350 grant on your behalf and take it off of your installation price if you are eligible.  To be eligible you need to meet the following criteria
  • You have dedicated off-street parking
  • Your vehicle was purchased after the 1st October 2016 and you are the registered owner or keeper
  • You have not already claimed the grant for this vehicle
  • The vehicle is eligible for the grant - you can check your car here
  • You are only eligible to a maximum of two OLEV funded charge points per household
  • Your home is suitable for a standard installation
  • The date of installation cannot be more than 4-months ahead of the delivery date of the vehicle
To claim the grant we need to show OLEV that you own or are the main driver of the EVHS eligible vehicle.  We will need a copy of either
  • The V5C or proof of order if you are the outright owner
  • A full lease agreement if it is on a personal lease
  • A letter from your employer if its a company car
  • A letter from your employer or vehicle provider if the car is as part of a salary sacrifice
If you are interested in a charging point for your home or workplace, email us on or call us on 01372 370 222.

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