Generate - Store - Charge - Use

Whether you're aiming to take control of your energy consumption, save money or simply want to make the move to a greener, cleaner, way of life, we can help you on your way with our range of solutions.

As accredited solar PV installers and Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers, we work with homeowners,  developers and businesses to find solutions to help them generate and maximise the usage of their own energy.

Harness the sun's energy to drive your car for free. Store the energy generated from your solar panels in our battery storage solutiosn and use the energy to charge your electric vehicle home.

Electec Energy are experts in commercial and residential solar PV, battery storage, car charging and monitoring solutions and have been installing renewable energy solutions for homeowners, businesses, schools and councils since 2010.  

If you are looking at how to take back control of your energy consumption for your business, home and electric car then please get in touch.


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